Lilah Pov: 

I was just about heading to my gym class when Mr. Moore stop me, "Lilah, Mr. Knight want you in his office," 

"What! Ugg.. I swear I didn't do anything," I said panicking.

"Lilah, you didn't do anything wrong," Mr. Moore said laughing. I let out a loud sigh and turn to around to opposite direction to the principal office. I arrive to the front office and just want past the secretaries and knock on Mr. Knight's door. 

"Ah...come on in Miss Arreola." he stated once I entered. I see my parents sitting on table with other young man in the office. Oh shit what is this about. 

"Good morning Mr. Knight," I said confidently.

"I bring you here Mr. & Mrs. Arreola to talk about very significant opportunity for your daughter's education." Mr. Knight explain to my parents. 

"If I may Mr. Knight what is very thing to help my daughter Lilah." my father said in stern voice. What is happening here I don't understand. 

"Well let me introduce you to Mr. Wilkinson," Mr. Knight said in proud voice, " His here to talk you, Lilah."  Me. 

"It nice to meet you sir, but I'm still confused," I said. 

That when Mr. Wilkinson, " Lilah I came here today to talk about Wellington Boarding School in London." 

"You mean the best boarding school in London," I exclaimed. I was a little overboard, is the guy that look for student to join this elite boarding school in London. 

"Yes the best school in London." He smiled, "Every year the headmaster and me travel around the United States to search for students that eligible for our school." 

My mom speak up, "You are saying that my daughter is eligible for this school in London." 

"Ah...Yes absolutely, we want Lilah to attend Wellington High School in London for the rest of high school." He said to my parents.

"Well...why do want our daughter to attend this in school in London." My father questioned him.

"The headmaster looks at different students from their studies to their extra curricular  activities in school,"  He said while taking out papers, "While Lilah had a GPA of 4.0 and while she excels in soccer, singing, dancing, and drawing. In this school we choose all the talented students in United States and some other countries also." 

"I see but it up to my daughter to choose what she want to do Mr. Wilkinson," my father responded.OMFG!! I was freaking out they want to go to school in London.!

"Also the Headmaster Wellington would love for you Lilah to come visit the school with parents of course," He faced me. 

"I will think about this school Mr. Wilkinson," I responded a tab excited.

"Alright then we have this matter settle and congratulation Lilah and Mr. & Mrs. Arreola !" Mr. Knight told us as we left the office. 

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